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Have you found the right Gary Warner? Here are some of the Gary Warners I am not.

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Are you interested in Mushrooms? I have always been fascinated by them!
I went for a Mushroom Hike the other day, taking a couple hundred mycological photographs in the Inverness, Alabama area.

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Green Teacalm and soothing wakefulness, conducive to contemplation, meditation, prayer, and writing haiku poetry. is my haiku website. Its purpose is to help poets, publishers, and readers of haiku discover one another. Information about haiku books, magazines, and contests, as well as articles for beginners, and a monthly "kukai" or haiku contest.
Starbuck's Coffeeactive wakefulness, conducive to research tasks, including reading and typing fast. Very useful for genealogy research.
Top Five: Komodo Dragon, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Verona, Guatemalan Antigua,
Bottom Three: Pike Place, Yukon, Shade Grown Mexico
My genealogy section of this website includes information on hundreds of my ancestors, and helpful information to prevent getting stuck in the Genealogy Black Hole!

Black Teaactive wakefulness, conducive to research tasks, but stressing communication and socialization. Also useful for genealogy research. The CT-Waterbury-L section of this website is dedicated to research on the Genealogy and History of Waterbury, Connecticut. The official home of the Rootsweb mailing list of the same name. If your roots pass through Waterbury, come join us!
Full Throttle!

Mt.Dew Code Red

(alternatively Starbuck's Venti Dark Roast with double shot of espresso)

impulsive severe wakefulness, best served with hard techno music. Conducive to playing video games, especially against others online. Chron X is the best collectible card game there is. Based on a futuristic science fiction theme, try to destroy the opponents Headquarters with clever combinations from more than 500 possible cards!